How to care for my septic tank?

If you want to be sure that you avoid any issues with your septic tank, then follow these few simple steps and learn in simple terms of how to care for your septic tank and system.

1. Before you learn how to best care for your septic tank, you first need to understand how it works. Scum rises to the top and solid waste will always settle on the bottom, but although bacteria breaks down most of the solids, it will need to be pumped out on a periodic basis.

2. It’s useful to know that the tank can only cope with so much water at any one time, as time is needed for the seperation of solids and liquids, so that the liquids can be sent to the drain field.

To conserve water, ensure there are no leaky faucets or running toilets and also consider installing highly efficient toilets that have low water flow. Using the right size of load for your washing machine and spreading out your wasjing cycles can also help to conserve water.

3. To reduce any damaged caused to your tank and drain field, avoid placing heavy objects directly above the septic tank, including cement, vehicles or even a shed, as the weight may cause the tank and system to fail.

4. Flushing or pouring anything down the drain such as chemicals or items which are non-biodegradable can either block the tank and chemicals can also kill off the bacteria within the tank, that is used to help break down the solids. Items that include diapers, cigarettes, cat litter, cotton swabs and paper towels should not be flushed.

5. One of the most obvious ways to care for your septic tank would be to ensure you maintain the areas around the tank such as shrubs, trees, hedges that may have aggresive roots, which can very easily damage the tank and pipes.

6. The last thing you should think about would be to have your septic tank emtied to reduce build up of solids. Although this is not required on a regular basis, you should aim to keep a regular schedule based on how large your household is. A family of 6 would have to empty their septic tank more regular than a family of 2, as the build up of solids happens at different rates.

Companies such as can empty your septic tank if you live within the UK, at a very affordable rate and will ensure your septic tank is running at it’s optimum performance, as the last thing you need is a bust tank, as that could cause a whole lot of environmental damage, along with an increase in costs to put right.